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        Are you interested in learning more about our quarterly monogram box?

        Our Fall Monogram Box has sold out, but you can be the first to know about our Winter Monogram Box by joining our waitlist!

        What will I get in my box each season?

        The best thing about our monogram box is that it's like a Christmas surprise coming to you four times a year!

        The boxes contain 3-5 items that are hand picked by Christie and go with a special seasonal theme.

        Items can range from the following:

        • Bags of all kinds:  Backpacks, coolers, totes, crossbodies, etc...
        • Drinkware:  We love all things koozie, cooler, and mug related so you can expect to see some of this in the box periodically!
        • Accessories:  New seasons mean new accessories!  Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more are always on our radar!  
        • Clothing:  From the softest sweatshirts to fun tees and tanks, there will usually be something cozy for you waiting in our monogram box!
        • Life's little luxuries:  We love to spoil you with a special pampering item from time to time!


        "My mystery monogram box is FABULOUS!! The backpack cooler, sunglasses, coozie, and beach towel are perfectly timed for my family beach vaycay!!  Thanks ladies!!"

        Customer image

        Jennifer G

        Picture courtesy of Jennifer G.

        "If you didn't get a surprise box, make sure to get one the next round!!!  Loved everything in it.  I must say my 2 favorites will be trying out this microfiber beach towel and backpack insulated cooler!!!  The towel is oversized which is perfect for this tall girl!  Thanks so much!!!"

        Customer image

        Dana S


        When can I expect my Quarterly Monogram Box?

        Your payment will draft on the 1st of each quarter (February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, November 1st).  Boxes will be ready for shipment or pick up by the 20th of that same month!  Box pick up/ship dates are:  February 20th, May 20th, August 20th, and November 20th!

        Is everything in the Quarterly Monogram Box personalized?

        Each box contains at least 2 personalized items!  We love to keep a good variety between personalized items and non-personalized ones that match the theme of our box.

        If I live out of town can my box be shipped to me?

        Definitely! We ship for an additional flat rate of $8.95!  Just choose that option at checkout.

        Can I pick up my box at Stitched and Stamped?

        Of course!  If you would like to pick up your box instead of having it shipped simply use PICKUP as a discount code.

        Is there a commitment or can I cancel at any time?

        There's no commitment!  If you need to cancel your subscription, please email us at stitchedstamped@gmail.com and we will be happy to help.  PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation requests must be received 7 days before your billing date (February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, November 1st).  If not, you will still receive that quarter's box and your cancellation will not go into effect until after that one has been fulfilled.

        Can I make changes to my subscription?

        Yes!  You have the ability to edit many aspects of your subscription by logging into your account!  Changes to your shipping address, monogramming information, sizing preferences, and much more is all at your control in your customer portal!